Electric Panel & Service Upgrades

The electrical panel in your home not only keeps your home supplied with electricity, but it is also responsible for protecting against overloading, short-circuits and more

As homes age, the electrical panel often has a tough time keeping up with the increased demands modern appliances and devices put on the electrical system. While our TVs, computers, HVAC systems, appliances, lights and other devices are more energy efficient than ever, the problem is we have more gadgets than ever before!

Older electrical panels can malfunction, usually when the circuits are overloaded. You may notice lights that start flickering, or you may notice you can't run two appliances at the same time without tripping the breaker. Worse, the breaker may fail to trip, which can shock someone, case fire, meltled wiring and smoke from overheating, which is extremely dangerous.

Do I need to replace my existing panel?

Some signs to look for when inspecting an old electrical service panel are

  • Wire corrosion
  • Lights that flicker
  • Outlets and switches that stop working
  • Burnt or bad connectors, sparks and/or fire damage
  • Not enough ampacity for extra load

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Older homes in Victoria were designed to operate using only a few circuits and 30, 50 or 60 amps for the entire home. Modern homes and appliances require complex electrical circuits and up to 200 or even 400amp, 200V service. If your home still has an old fashioned panel with fuses, then you should consider upgrading to a new electrical panel with circuit breakers.

Today's modern electrical panels offer increased convenience and far greater safety than outdated fuse panels with extra protection incorporated in the form of circuit breakers. This allows for the installation of GFCI (Ground-fault), AFCI (Arc-fault) Protection and Surge Protection at the panel, offering the absolute best in safety, security and peace of mind.

If you are planning some home improvements, consider the additional power you will need. Additions, kitchen and bathroom remodels, HVAC systems, double ovens, hot tubs and outdoor lighting may necessitiate an expanded breaker box and electrical panel. You may have to add new outlets to a wall, or a special 240-volt circuit, or a sub-panel for a standby power generator.

Why upgrade your electrical panel?

  • Reduce the chance of an electrical fire occuring
  • Eliminate any doubled-up circuits
  • Add capacity for additional circuits in the future
  • Increase ampacity up to 100, 200 or 400amp
  • Increase the resale value of your home

Electrical Service Upgrade

An electrical service upgrade is needed when the capacity of your homes existing electrical service doesn't have the ampacity available to handle the demand of today's appliances and lifestyle. A service upgrade may include upgrading your homes electric panel, meter socket, the cable between the meter and the panel, the cable between the utility and the meter, and the grounding system.

If you are upgrading your home's electrical service to 100, 200 or 400amp service, the CleanBC Better Homes & Home Renovation Rebate Program has rebates that may be available to you to help defer some of the costs involved. The specialists at Lenius & Osborn Electric Ltd. can help walk you through this process and help determine your eligibility for the various rebates.

If you notice any problems, or think your electrical panel or service is in need of upgrading, talk to one of our experienced technicians today.