Standby Power Generator installed

Residential Standby Generators

Standby generators are used to provide automatic backup electricity & power for your home when the power goes out. This uninterrupted power allows the key systems in your home to continue operation without interruption. Standby power generators run off of liquid propane, diesel or natural gas and are located outside the home, making them much safer than using a portable generator in an emergency.

The installation specialists at Lenius and Osborn will install your standby generator, connecting it directly to your home’s power grid. The generator will not come online until the sensor detects a power outage lasting longer than thirty seconds. Should this happen, the sensor will send a signal that disconnects your home from the BC Hydro power grid and in turn connecting the standby generator. When BC Hydro’s power is restored, everything reverts to normal operation.

Commercial Standby Generators

Manufacturing, retail, industrial and commercial businesses often find themselves in a critical situation when there is a power outage. A commercial power generator can keep your critical systems, heating units, refrigeration systems and more running when the power grid is down.

Avoid financial losses and lost productivity associated with a power outage by installing a commercial standby generator. Keep your business running and all your critical services online.

Lenius and Osborn can sell, service and install both commercial and residential standby power generators for all sizes of buildings. Give us a call today for a project consultation and estimate.

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