Lenius and Osborn Electric have been specializing in rewiring Knob and Tube Electrical systems since the early 1980’s and collectively within the company we have over 80 years experience in this very specialized field.

All of our Journeyman Electricians have many years experience in rewiring and all of our Registered Apprentices have been specifically trained in the proper practices of taking the least or no damage approach to existing walls and ceilings.

We believe in going the extra mile to preserve the beauty and originality of our customer’s homes. Remote cameras and special tools are used on all projects and we have performed dozens of rewires with no painting and patching being required.

Lenius & Osborn Electric have hundreds of happy customers who have been provided with a job on time and under budget and we want to add you to our ever growing list of references.

Whether it’s prior to selling your home, pre-purchase, wanting to renovate, or making your family home safer, you can be confident when hiring us that you have chosen an electrical contractor with the most experience in knob and tube rewiring in Victoria and we encourage you to call our references to hear first hand from customers who have had rewires completed by the skilled team at Lenius & Osborn on time and on budget.

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